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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rosalea in Harper KS


Because I am out in the Kansas boondocks with only minimal help, you may
be inadvertently receiving this email. If so, we apologize. Simply write
QUIT in the subject box and return it to us and your name will be removed.

For the rest of you who wait with baited breath about every new soap
opera escapade from the City of Harper, Kansas: Suicide Town, we want to
report that the Harper City Council successfully demolished our
beautiful historic Buckeye this fall, despite our Injunction that was
overthrown by a telephone “court” held by the Judge, the City Attorney
and our own Attorney. Stay tuned in 2009 for what may be the thrill of
your life as we gather our wits and raise funds for a high powered
attorney, and sue the hell out of the City of Harper. It is long over
do. And with luck, some of it may spill over to the same type
shenanigans from Anthony City Commission who also illegally destroyed
our historic King Parrot Warehouse last year.

We have been told that there are investigations going on by “powers
above.” If that is the case, you won’t want to miss a thing. Our own
Reality Show right here in Harper County Kansas America! Does anyone
else smell a forty year criminal conspiracy to destroy Rosalea?

We have been posting more YouTubes. Remember, we are a motley
crew….Loren is 85 and forgets to turn the sound on sometimes and can’t
cut out the wind noise, Ralph is 69 and can’t remember his last name,
and I am Rosalea who Ain’t Dead Yet! Please pass on this email to five
of your friends. We want the world to know about Suicide Town so
everyone can get the thrill of watching a small Kansas town
self-destruct right before their very eyes. It’s not what we want but it
is obviously what the people choose by who they elect to power. Soon
Harper will be no more unless you take action now! Move over, Greensburg! Harper, Kansas Suicide Town #1 Harper, Kansas Suicide Town
#2 Harper, Kansas Suicide
Town #3. Bugabully Day

* Harper Suicide Town #4*

* Harper Suicide Town #5*

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It’s going to be a rough go for The Balmer Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit,
in the tough economic time ahead. We are Survivors but with your minimal
help, we can make it! Your tax deductible gift can be directed in any
way you chose…for The Balmer Fund General Fund, Prairie Arts Theatre
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our PayPal account found at:
Or mail your subscriptions and/or
contributions to: The Balmer Fund/Prairie Connection, 121 West Main,
Harper, KS 67058 Your support is greatly appreciated. With your help, we
will survive and clean up this decades of hate and vindictiveness.

Come enjoy the Holidays in one of our local vacant lots! I will be happy
to give you a personal guided tour and I will throw in 40 years of
chronic vandalism as a bonus!

Rosalea Hostetler, President & Survivor

The Balmer Fund

“Preserving the history, art & culture of the prairies for future